Book report: Primed to Perform – The Total Motivation Factor


Reading notes by Yan Tougas

The Total Motivation Factor (“ToMo”)

The ToMo score is calculated by adding and subtracting numerical values assigned to answers to specific questions.  These questions measure how much play, purpose, potential, etc. is felt by a person.  Because some motives are more powerful than others, the answers within each motive are weighted.

The motive spectrum is universal.  Married couples with high ToMo stay together.  High school students with high ToMo have better grades and stay in school.  Athletes with high ToMo perform better.  School principals with high ToMo stay in the role longer.  On and on and on.

Culture does affect performance.  Culture can be measured.  Business leaders can strategically manage their culture based on objective, quantified facts.  Calculating a candidate’s ToMo can become part of the selection process.  Once you have happy employees, all your stakeholders benefit.

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