A culture score for every organization

As I watch my son go through the college application process, I can’t help imagining what his job search will look like in a few years.

What organization will he decide to join? One that fosters his personal growth? One that guarantees lifetime employment? One with a noble purpose? One that will pay him lots of money?

How about one with the right culture? What if there was a website out there ranking all organizations according to their culture?

I hear some of you say “Wait! You can’t measure culture!” Actually, you can. Scientifically. Small, private organizations have done it. Large, publicly-traded multinationals have done it as well. You can see their results in the book Primed to Perform. The formula behind the culture score was developed by the principals at Vega Factor. It measures how much play*, purpose, and potential the organizations offer their employees, and how little emotional and financial pressures they use to get things done.

Imagine a world where organizations measure their culture with the intent to continuously improve it. A world where employees can choose to work for an organization based on their culture score.

In such a world, this father would have one less worry.

* In this context, “play” does not refer to ping-pong tables.

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