Fewer clients. Less money.

Many E&C programs attempt to do more than they are capable of given the allocated resources. So we end up with mediocre results. Mediocre training, mediocre risk assessments, mediocre communications, etc.

The fix is to do a few things very well and to forget the rest. What’s the point of posting flashy corporate videos on YouTube to attract talent if we don’t first communicate well with our existing employees?

Jerry Maguire was alluding to this when he wrote “Fewer clients. Less money. More attention.” He was remembering his mentor’s advice about being a good sports agent: “The key to this business is personal relationships.” And that is also the case with E&C.

More attention usually means going deep, not wide. We need to identify activities that are mission-critical and execute flawlessly. Once we have this nailed down, we can look to expand.

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