Time for celebration

Celebration matters.

Employees first look to their leaders to understand what is important to them. Then, they proceed to do that very thing. Finally, they look for validation.

A simple “thank you” is a mini-celebration. Think that’s cliché? Try working for someone who doesn’t say thank you and see how you feel.

Now is a holiday season in many parts of the world. Everywhere, it’s the end of the calendar year. A time to look back, a time to look forward. A time to celebrate. Even if the results were not as expected. We can always celebrate effort. We should always celebrate effort.

Bring some food in the office. Take your team out to lunch. Have them in your home for dinner. Say something nice, something that comes from the heart. You could not have done it without them.

Celebrate. It’s a beautiful way of saying thank you.

P.S.: To my handful of core readers (and to my one follower), I say thank you for paying attention to my writing. I appreciate you.

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