A resolution for 2017

If you manage people, you should resolve to demonstrate ethical leadership every day.

Every. Single. Day.

Some ideas:

  • As you read the morning news, share with your team an E&C article that discusses a best practice or the latest scandal, and include your thought on its applicability to your business.
  • Send reminders as the E&C training deadline approaches.
  • Encourage employees to use the anonymous hotline to report a concern if they are not comfortable speaking with you.
  • When appropriate, share disciplinary actions taken against those who violated company policies.
  • When appropriate, recognize those who did the right thing to protect the company and each other.
  • Explain what conflicts of interests are and what the organization does to avoid them.
  • Lead training sessions (don’t always delegate them to Legal or your E&C professional)
  • Invite E&C professionals from neighboring companies to share their program with your team. Then share the results of this benchmarking event with the entire organization.
  • Talk about a section of your code of ethics at an all-hands meeting.

I could probably add 100 bullets to this list.

The point is: demonstrate the importance you place on E&C.

If it’s important to you – and your team can see it – it’ll be important to them.

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