Thinking of creating or updating your code of conduct?

Electronic is better than paper (but make sure there’s a printable version).

Online is better that offline.

“Mobile first” is better than a responsive website, which is better than a static website, which is better than an ebook.

On the internet is better than on your intranet.

It’s better to include links to your corporate policies in the Code (and yes, those should be on the internet as well).

Values-based is better than rules-based.

Conducting a cultural assessment of your organization before you start writing the new code can prove very helpful.

Involving all your organizational SMEs is critical (HR, Legal, Finance, EH&S, Communications, etc.).

Hiring a consultant to help you write the code is better than going at it alone.

Whoever you choose to help you write the code and create a website, make sure they can show you at least two prior code projects that blow your mind, and call those organizations for reference.

Those who are good at writing codes are rarely good at making websites – and vice-versa.

If you operate in multiple countries, translate your code.

Assigning a project manager to herd all those cats will save you at least 20% of your time.

One year from start to finish is probably not enough.

At all times, ask yourself “What are we trying to change?” Employees will want to know why you have a new code and your launch communications will need to address that.

Seek the help of a communications expert (outside or in-house) to help you launch the new code. It’s the best way to transfer all the value you created to your employees.

These tips come from my own experience in writing a new code for my organization. I could have included many more. If you have experience in this domain, please feel free to share your tips by using the comment section below. Thanks!

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