The many challenges of E&C professionals

Here are some of the challenges facing organizations who provide ethics & compliance training to their employees:

  • Employees dread the training sessions (it gets in the way of doing their job)
  • The training is high-level (to cover all employees) and doesn’t really help each employee do their job better
  • Employees believe that the company provides the training as a check-the-box and/or CYA exercise
  • In-person training can be difficult to track (and thus prove that it was provided when the regulators knock on the door)
  • The effectiveness of the training is difficult to measure
  • Training is often provided months before an employee is faced with the risk, making it difficult to recall
  • In some jurisdictions, the training must be approved by employee unions
  • For multinationals, training must/should be translated in many languages. And scenarios like “John met a supplier at the hockey game and the supplier paid for the hot dogs” do not resonate well with your employees in Indonesia.
  • Online training, with its audio and video files, requires a strong internet connection, something still not available in many countries
  • In companies of 1,000+, 10,000+, or 100,000+ employees, how do you deploy the training? What are the consequences for employees who don’t complete their training on time?

The complete list would easily be thrice as long.

And that’s just for training. Wanna talk about communications? Policies? Audits? Investigations?

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