Thanking the troops

I will be visiting Singapore and Sydney for business next week. I look forward to a warmer climate, the sights of green vegetation, the sounds of the ocean, and the flavors of the local cuisine. But most of all, I look forward to meeting my teammates in person.

I am blessed to support a team of 500 ethics & compliance officers (ECOs) operating in 100+ countries. They are the ones making it all happen. When the corporate office write a new policy, they are the ones deploying it and answering questions. When we create a new training module, they are the ones making sure all employees complete it. When an allegation of wrongdoing is made, they conduct or oversee the investigation. My efforts are meaningless without theirs.

If you have an ECO in your organization, please take a moment today to thank them for their work. They have a difficult but essential job.

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