I love my job

I am writing these words offline, on my iPad mini, at 30,000 feet, less than an hour from Doha. I left JFK about half-a-day ago and my ultimate destination is Singapore – but I will have to wait another half-day before getting there.

Once on the ground, I will spend 2 days with 40 ethics & compliance colleagues from my organization. Together we will teach and learn. We will ask questions and provide answers. We will state problems and offer solutions. We will be vulnerable and support each other.

The role of ethics & compliance officer is challenging (in a good way), stimulating, rewarding – and at times emotionally draining. One day you can feel connected to your fellow employees; the other you feel isolated. To weather these emotional ups and downs, it helps to have a support group. And that’s exactly why we’ll be meeting this week.

Come Wednesday, I will make my way to Sydney for a similar event with my ANZ colleagues.

What a blessing. 

 I love my job.

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