Step #1 in improving your organizational culture

Only hire managers who care just a bit more about your employees than they do about your customers and other stakeholders (and themselves).

Start that process in the C-suite.

What does a manager who cares about employees look like?

She makes her employees feel safe by allowing them to try new things and fail (it breeds innovation and leads to better performance).

She connects her employees’ work to the end product or service delivered to the customer (it gives meaning to the work).

She positions them to be successful inside or outside the organization (successful employees who leave the organization make great ambassadors).

She avoids using emotional or financial pressures (which hurt adaptive performance, the only type of performance that really matters in today’s economy).

For more on high ToMo leadership, read Primed to Perform. For my reading notes on this book, click hereFor a recent post on hiring the right people, click here.

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