Kneel to rise

We might be in business for our customers but I believe we need to care more about our employees than we do about any other stakeholder.

I doesn’t have to be a lot more. Just a bit will do. But employees need to come first.

Airlines tell us to put on our oxygen mask before helping others. Philosophers tell us we need to love ourselves before we can truly love others. Similarly, organizations need to put their employees first if they truly want to succeed.

Costco’s, Southwest Airlines and Whole Foods are good examples of organizations who rose to the top by putting their employees first.

Most of us can’t influence the entire population at our company, but each of us can decide to put our direct reports first. Leaders who do this develop teams that shine among others. Eventually, they attract the best talent and accomplish great things.

Perhaps your organization is not ready to rise to the top of its industry. But in the meantime, you and your team can rise within the organization, and love what you do.

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