What’s your story?

As an ethics & compliance professional, what if your day was live-streamed for all employees to see?

What if they could see you writing multiple drafts of a new conflict of interest policy, and see you push for its adoption, and see you upload it to the website?

What if they could observe the countless hours that go into creating a training module to educate the workforce on preventing corruption – writing the script, selecting the actors, verifying the translations?

What if they could listen in during your meetings with the internal audit department as you scope audits to insure that antitrust controls are effective?

What if they could see the long hours you spend reviewing thousands of emails as you try to gather facts following an anonymous complaint?

What if they could hear the debates of the disciplinary committee to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and consistently?

In that hypothetical world, assuming employee confidentiality and privacy could be protected, I believe that the corporate culture would improve. This level of transparency would foster trust.

In our real world, we can adopt a lighter version of this. We can tell our story – everyone loves a story. We can make employees feel part of that story, because they are part of that story. Storytelling is how people learn best.

Why don’t you tell your story?

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