Why we work and serve

Yesterday, I met with beautiful people at two of my favorite organizations. I am still on a high today.

My first stop was at Vega Factor. It’s co-founders, Neel Doshi and Lindsay McGregor, are the brains behind Primed to Perform, a book that has started to revolutionize how organizations are led. Using social science, the authors explain how to measure and improve performance (and ethical) culture. It’s all about the people, all about the employees, and you can feel it as you walk through the halls of Vega Factor: the shiny eyes don’t lie.

And then I visited with Claude Silver at VaynerMedia. Claude is the company’s Chief Heart Officer. It’s an unusual title but there is nothing ordinary about VaynerMedia and its founder Gary Vaynerchuk. Together, Gary and Claude are building a “honey empire”, an organization that will win by doing the right thing and by truly putting people first. They are obsessed with creating a safe work environment because they understand the conditions necessary for employees to do their best work. Claude and Gary extend trust first. They assume positive intent. They believe in the human potential. And in so doing, they are creating a wonderful culture.

I am in awe of these two organizations. One instinctively knows what to do and the other has developed a framework allowing everyone else to build a highly performing and highly ethical organization. They are a gift that we should all gladly accept and share.

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