Drip-drip-drip vs. big-boom

My organization will be launching a revised Code of Ethics later this year.

We are creating a communications campaign to support the launch. Employees will want to know what’s new with the Code, why we revised it and how this new document is supposed to help them to their job.

Rather than creating a traditional launch campaign that is short and loud – to get attention, we are creating one that will be softer and sustained – to be absorbed.

For example, we are working on a series of short emails that will contain a “hook” to make employees click on a link to learn more. One of them will contain a picture of a gift on a desk and read something like “You arrive at your desk and see a beautifully-wrapped gift with a card that bears the logo of a supplier. Want to know what’s inside? Click here!” This will bring them to a webpage where we tell the story of a real case, explain what gifts employees are allowed to accept, why we have a gift policy and, obviously, a link to the relevant conflict-of-interests section in the new Code.

A drip-drip-drip approach will keep the conversation going for several months and will allow us to adjust our communications as we receive feedback. It’s not as intense as the big-boom approach but we expect a deeper effect.

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