Beijing – Confusion

Seth Godin wrote another good post today, this time on “confusion“. It’s worth a read.

As I was trying to apply its wisdom to my life, I thought about the confusion created by American Airlines two days ago. The airline provided very little information to explain why our flight was first diverted and then cancelled. Travelers were confused and frustrated. At the same time, we didn’t have enough information to make a claim against the airline. Was that the goal?

I am also reminded of the confusion we create around compliance. Some E&C professionals believe that all problems can be resolved with a policy or a training or a control. Meanwhile, some business professionals believe that all compliance requirements hinder their business. Neither side brings much evidence to support their claims. As Godin says, “confusion doesn’t have to be right to be confusing.”.

Confusion can also be used as a shortcut to get what we want.

If there is one thing I hope to accomplish in the next two days with my E&C colleagues in Beijing, it’s to reduce confusion. As we discuss third-party oversight and internal investigations and organizational culture, we will shine the light on all areas of confusion and attempt to bring clarity.

Wrongdoing survives only in the shadows.

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