Peanut butter and…

This article about using geospatial technology to fight money laundering reminded me of an idea I had earlier this year.

My phone knows where I am, it has access to my calendar and it can deliver me content. This is how my boarding pass shows up on my locked screen when I enter the airport. So what is stopping my company from showing me a 30-second video to remind me about collusion risks when I pull into the parking lot of a customer for a bid walk-through where competitors might be present?

Or why can’t I get a text to remind me about our gift-receiving rules when I visit a supplier?

Can you see the benefits of this technology? It solves the problem many of us face with employees not remembering the training they completed 6 months ago at their desk.

If I say “Peanut butter and…” ⇒ You think “jelly”.

If I say “Rhum and…” ⇒ You think “Coke”.

What is the “Coke” or the “jelly” to “customer/supplier visit”? It’s not easy to create hundreds of similar connections necessary to create a strong compliance program. Technology can help us.

Now, I can already hear the privacy concerns. But it is possible to severely restrict the use of this technology to ensure that it has workplace-application only.

Our first priority is to protect the organization and its employees. Tools that prevent costly mistakes should be tried and tested before being shut down.

What’s your idea?

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