Until the next revolution

The industrial revolution invented the concept of replaceable parts. Shortly thereafter, the modern educational system was invented to create replaceable workers. Your accountant is worn out or broken? Take her out and replace her with another one. There are plenty.

This reality adds to our existential angst as human being. We increasingly seek joy and meaning outside of work. For many workers, what drives them to work is no longer related to the work itself. Unfortunately, according to the latest social science, these conditions lead to lower performance and an increased risk of employee fraud.

Hardly the ideal conditions for organizations and their ethics & compliance professionals.

It will take some time before the next revolution fixes our workplace and our educational system. Meanwhile, E&C professionals can start the process by asking themselves an important question: am I finding joy and purpose in my work? To be fair, our work is difficult. It is perceived by many as imposing restrictions on their work. We see it as a virtuous path to order, fairness and justice, but we are not always successful in communicating this perspective. It can be tiring to find joy in a confrontational setting. And so we must decide if we would be better suited for another organization, or perhaps for another vocation all together. If we find that this work is in fact for us, then our first order of business is to become a lifelong learner, to care about those we serve, and always to provide value.

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