ECI Best Practices Forum – Fall 2017 – Day 2

Day 2 had a different rhythm than Day 1. Here are the key points for me:

  • Videos
    • The cost of entry is now so low that there are no reasons not to use video to communicate about E&C. An iPhone and free editing software is all you need.
    • Use videos to demystify aspects of your program (what happens when you call the helpline, what are the steps in an investigation, how are reporters protected from retaliation, etc.)
    • Keep them short (below 4 minutes)
  • Appreciative inquiry
    • It means asking employees “What does it look like when we are at our best?”
    • It’s a concept combining two good practices:
      • Getting employees involved in the solution, because involvement is key to commitment
      • Focussing on creative thinking while staying away from traditional discussions (which typically lead employees to focus on all the reasons why something won’t work)
  • Quotables
    • “Conflict is normal. It is to be expected. So prepare for it” (i.e. train supervisors on how to handle future conflicts)
    • “Everybody deserves special treatment.” (ie. a call not to govern everything by policy; or a call to scale the unscalable)
  • Recommended books
  • Recommended apps
    • Kahoots

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