ECI Fellows Meeting – Day 2

[If you haven’t done so already, I recommend you read my notes on Day 1 first]

My biggest insight on Day 2 came when a colleague asked “When do you stop looking for the root cause of a problem? Because if you keep asking “why?”, you’ll always end up at the same place: a failure of leadership.”

Perhaps there is one more “why?” after this cause. Why did leadership act this way or failed to act appropriately? The answer will point at the organization’s culture. It will highlight “who they really are”. And since culture is an outcome of processes – of “how things are really done around here” – we can then identify the process that needs to be changed.

In essence, every root cause analysis effort should aim to answer “What is it about our culture that allowed this failure to happen? And what processes are generating this culture?”

If we address these processes, we can start changing the culture.

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