The Presidents Club

We call it the newspaper “test” because we don’t really expect our embarrassing behavior to be reported on the front page of the newspaper. We tell people “Imagine if…”

Some companies should have heeded this advice before attending the Presidents Club Charity Dinner at London’s Dorchester, especially after the many sexual harassment scandals of late 2017. There’s something about a 33-year tradition of men-only dinners, tainted with rumors of sexual improprieties, that should have raised some red flags back at the corporate headquarters. Those red flags were surely visible to the Financial Times when they decided to send a few undercover reporters to the event.

Being transparent used to be a choice. If we engaged in questionable behavior, we could choose not to be transparent. This ability to choose is quickly eroding. It’s eroding in part because  everyone now carries a powerful tracking, recording and publishing device in their pocket. But also because, quite frankly, we’ve had enough of certain behaviors.

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