Is your universe a friendly place?

Comparably has ranked Google #1 for Best Corporate Culture in 2017.

Picking up on the news, Forbes reached out to its Technology Council members, some of whom worked at Google, and asked them whether the company truly deserves the award, given the diversity issues that surfaced last year.

The answer was a resounding yes, and each of the 13 Council members provided a different reason. As you read the testimonies, it becomes clear that for a company so customer-obsessed, Google seems to care even more about its employees.

Perhaps the most important manifestation of this caring is “Google’s willingness to trust its employees”, as one member puts it. My friends at LRN noted the power of trust with the acronym T.R.I.P.: when employees feel Trusted, they take more Risks, leading to Innovation and Performance.

Einstein once said that the most important question we can ever ask is whether the universe is a friendly place. Similarly, we can all ask ourselves if our workplace is trustworthy. Our answer will determine our behaviors and the policies we put in place, which in turn will determine our culture.

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