Hi! I’m calling to thank you!

I have 5 meetings scheduled for today.

It may seem like a lot but 4 of them are calls that won’t exceed 15 minutes.

The first and fourth calls are with new ethics & compliance officers on my team. One from Thailand (at 6:30 AM my time, about 20 minutes from posting this) and one from the US. There are 3 levels of management between these two colleagues and me, but I want them to know they can also count on me for support.

The second and third calls are with ECOs celebrating their 1st (Canada) and 7th (Italy) anniversary with our group. They are as enthusiastic about their job today as they were the day they started, and I want to recognize that.

There are 500 ECOs in my company. I try to connect with everyone at least once per year by phone or in person. Not easy. But oh so worth it. I get to hear what it’s like to join our group, to be on the front lines of ethics & compliance, to operate far from the mothership, to implement a program based on values that may be different from the local culture.

This is the team that brings to life the dreams we dream of at the corporate office.

I want them to know I am grateful.

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