Corporate culture and the theory of evolution

Many articles about corporate culture recommend a deliberate hiring process, where only candidates with a good culture fit are hired.

Very few talk about the greater need for a deliberate termination process, where those who don’t live by the organization’s values are separated.

It is nearly impossible to discern if a candidate will fit in the culture before they actually start to do the real work. So, unless your hiring process includes a probation period, you are probably rolling the dice. A more practical approach to protecting your culture is to terminate quickly when behavior doesn’t meet expectations.

Think of human evolution. The reason we don’t die of the common cold anymore is because early humans who could not survive the common cold ceased to reproduce. If we think of our organizations as living organisms, we can see the need to eliminate behavioral problems before they spread.

In my experience, the biggest mistake we make is not in hiring the wrong person but in keeping that person on board too long.

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