Counting backwards from 1,000

When she was 7 years old, I took my daughter ice skating for the first time.

After falling numerous times in the first 5 minutes, she grew frustrated. So I told her that everyone falls about 1,000 times before they get really good at it. By the way she looked at me, it seemed that she was taking me quite literally, so I suggested that we start counting backward from 1,000 and try to get to zero as quickly as possible. Her eyes lit up.

With determination, she skated, and fell, and quickly got up, as we counted 999, 998, 997…

We never made it to 980.

It can be daunting to change an organization’s culture for the first time. It requires patience and grit. One has to be willing to try and to fail repeatedly. One process at a time, until how we do everything that we do is aligned with our values.

Time to start counting.

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