Where the best gets better

This post is the fourth in a series devoted to my reading notes (and thoughts) on the essays contained in The Culture Book, Volume 1. This “essay” is in the form of interviews of  employees at WP Engine, a WordPress platform. Most of my notes are direct quotes from employees.

Everyone is responsible for culture. We all protect it like a dragon hoards its gold. We embrace it sacredly with every new hire, with every strategic decision. Culture is often the sole reason why we make a hire pass.

We have a culture budget. The largest portion is spent on company outings, happy hours and team meals. Nothing cements the bonds of a work friendship like good conversation and a beverage in a comfortable setting. The events with the most impact are certainly those that include more than one team, location, or department.

We like to ensure that our metric of success is directly tied to the beneficiary of our work. Nearly everything we do at work is for the benefit of others. All opportunities and all challenges have another person at the other end. Focusing on the needs of people first provides us wisdom, it provides us heart. We want to make sure that we never refer to Marketing as Marketing. Marketing is Lisa and Ryan and John.

Weekly cultural meetings are key to ensuring all offices remain in sync.

Find the things that matter, that are foundational to your organization, and talk about them all the time. Bring them up as often as you can. When you do this, the things that really matter become part of the company’s DNA.

Make culture about people. Do not make culture about culture.

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