Good example of bad

When we recognize someone for ethical behavior, our real goal is to show everyone else a good example of the behavior we expect.

We must do the same for unethical behavior. We must tell the story of the one who broke our trust and had to be let go. We can anonymize the story and tell it respectfully, but everyone else needs to see a good example of the behavior we won’t tolerate.

2 thoughts on “Good example of bad

  1. Yan – love this point! Do you have some general examples of how you’ve done this?


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    1. Absolutely. Here is something I did when I was in my previous role. I had access to my organization’s case management system, where every allegation of wrondgoing (and ensuing investigation) is recorded. When the investigation verified wrongdoing, I would create a short slide deck explaining the facts, what went wrong, how it was tied to our values and policies, and what the outcome was. The story was anonymized (if that’s a word) and the deck distributed to E&C professionals as a training tool. These stories flew off the shelf.


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