How to make an allegation of wrongdoing

  • Keep it short. A long email with dozens of attachments will be skipped over until your E&C colleague has a bigger block of time to read everything (she is as busy as you are). Write a short teaser and you will get a quick reply asking for more details.
  • Keep it factual. If things are truly bad, facts will speak for themselves. If your E&C colleague draws a different conclusion from the facts, you can then add your opinion about them. But opening with complaints and outrage could erode your credibility.
  • Don’t confuse higher risk tolerance with unethical behavior. Some business people are willing to take on more risks than you think you would if you were in their shoes. They can usually do so without breaking the laws or violating the organization’s values. While it may look irresponsible to you, it doesn’t mean it’s unethical.

This list could be a lot longer. What else would you add?

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