Primed to Perform – The perfect book to start your culture journey

The best way to reduce ethics & compliance risks is for the organization to have a robust E&C program and a strong ethical culture.

While we need to start with a robust program, an ethical culture is the force multiplier. It’s also the more difficult one to implement. Most leaders don’t know how to define culture, how to measure it, let alone how to change it.

Which is why many organizations today seem stuck. Their compliance program has gone as far as it can go and yet, misconduct is higher than it should be. If this sounds familiar, you may be ready to work on your culture. Of course you’ll need help and there won’t be a shortage of consultants offering it.

Before you hire someone, it might be prudent for you to understand why people work because that’s what determines how well they work (and how ethical they will be). The best learning resource I’ve come across is the book Primed to Perform by Neel Doshi and Lindsay McGregor. It’s an eye-opening book that will change how you think about work and set you down the right path for an amazing culture.

To learn more about Primed to Perform, click on the appropriate tag on this page. My early posts summarize each chapter of the book.

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