Beware the compliant employee

Compliance professionals work hard at defeating the efforts of sociopaths like Madoff and Skillings. But sociopaths account for only a tiny percentage of the workforce.

Far more numerous are inert employees. They are the employees who simply do as they are told. When asked “Why did you do it this way?”, they respond “Because we’ve always done it this way.” It’s ironic that we often call them “compliant” employees.

For every control we add, the sociopath will find a way around it. What we need to do is create a workforce around them acting as their conscience and creating the cognitive dissonance a sociopath cannot produce. We need employees who questions orders and who raise a red flag every time they see a work habit settling in.

In other words, we need to eliminate inertia from the workplace.

HT to Primed to Perform

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