Do you listen to Tom Fox?

I recently discovered the Compliance Podcast Network created by Tom Fox.

Tom is leading 10 different podcasts and one of my favorites is the Daily Compliance News. Each episode is about 3 minutes long, delivered early in the morning, and highlights compliance stories from the previous day. It’s like NPR’s Hourly News Summary for compliance. I get all the important headlines and I decide if I want to chase the details.

Ethical leadership starts with ethical awareness, and ethical awareness comes from knowing where danger lies. Tom Fox’s 3-minute podcast is a gift to anyone truly wanting to up their E&C game.

I recommend all of Tom’s podcasts, including Popcorn and Compliance, where Tom partners with Jay Rosen to talk about the ethical dilemmas faced by famous movie characters (an idea I had years ago and never acted on). You can subscribe to every podcast here.

And beyond Tom’s podcasts, here are others that I am currently listening to:

Happy listening!

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