How to create a Happy Company

Some people work in a team or a department with a good culture. Let’s call them the Happy Ones.

And some don’t. The Unhappy Ones.

Therefore, inside a company, the Happy Ones are rubbing elbows with the Unhappy Ones, and it always seems that the latter affect the former, and not the other way around.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The Happy Ones do not have to resign themselves to being the only ones happy in the company.

Instead, they can start a series of experiments trying to answer the following question: “How might we turn the Unhappy Ones we interact with into Happy Ones?”

Try and try again until you succeed with one group. Now your group of Happy Ones is larger and it rubs elbows with more people than before, including new Unhappy Ones.

Continue the experiments until you have a Happy Company.

(Warning: It could take years)

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