Write to me, please

According to WordPress, I have 565 followers. It’s humbling to think that so many people want to be notified every time I click the “publish” button.

I write to force myself to think. Often, I need to listen or read to find something new to think about. I have my favorite podcasts, blogs and websites that I peruse daily.

There are days when I read for an hour before I get a writing idea. There are days, like today, where no idea comes at all. I feel like anything I might have to say about ethics and compliance, I have said before.

On days like today, I wish there was a fresh voice out there to put fizz in my brain. A fellow E&C professional with a spicy take on the state of corporate culture. Someone whose writing begs to be shared.

Of course, I can think of at least 565 candidates for this job.

All you need is a free WordPress site like this one.

Won’t you share your genius, please?

4 thoughts on “Write to me, please

  1. I love it! I interviewed once with a man who I will never forget, Leigh Cuthbertson, who asked me how I learn and gro. After giving him every resource I can think, he told me he was disappointed in my answer. I will never forget his final response, “you never once mentioned that you might ask someone to help.’ Ouch. I love that you have asked!

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  2. Lots of us have thoughts! But feel a bit hampered by policies or a culture of not sharing outside of the organization. Just my 2 cents!


    Ana-Paola (AP) Capaldo de Aoun
    Director, Ethics & Compliance Officer
    5350 Tech Data Drive, M/S A2-3
    Clearwater, Florida, United States
    Tel: (727) 539-7429 ext. 72577
    Mobile: 786-280-4212
    E-mail: ap.capaldo@techdata.com


    Speak Up. We’ll Listen.
    Share your Ethics and Compliance questions and concerns.
    Talk to your manager or find an Ethics Advisor
    Call: 1-866-833-8442
    Online: http://www.TechDataEthicsLine.com

    This e-mail and any attachments may contain privileged and/or confidential information. If you are not the intended recipient, any dissemination, distribution or copying is prohibited. If you received this email in error, please immediately notify the sender and permanently delete all copies. Thank you.

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