Daily ends

There’s a lot of discussion about how this pandemic has changed certain things for ever, how certain things won’t get back to normal when it’s over.

Isn’t it possible, if we pay attention, that this is true even on a normal day?

I was recently introduced to this nightly meditation: “What might you have done for the last time today?”

Think back of a sport you haven’t played in many years. For me it’s hockey, back when I was a teenager. I might play again but it’s unlikely. I can assure you that when I walked off the ice that last time, it never dawned on me that I might never play again.

If you are a parent, did you pay attention the last time you tied the laces on your child’s shoes?

When things go back to normal, let’s get better at seeing that there are no ordinary moments.

One thought on “Daily ends

  1. This is a beautiful reflection on the nature of life. It is consistent with a view of ethics as deeply and pervasively embedded in life in all its forms. To be skilled in ethics, one needs to sensitive to its place across our lives.
    Well done, Yan.

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