Power and prejudice

To Kill a Mockingbird was published 60 years ago today. In light of the racism still permeating our society, it seemed fitting that I add it to my book list.

I won’t pretend that the character of Atticus Finch is perfect. No man is. But he is the type of father I would like to model. I would like my kids’ school principal to be like him. I would gladly work for him. And I certainly would vote for him.

That last action is important. Our duty as citizens is not simply to vote, but to vote for ethical leaders. To elect a leader is to put her in power. And racism is born out of prejudice from those in power. If we want to eradicate institutionalized racism, we must elect better leaders.

One thought on “Power and prejudice

  1. Very true. To this I would add that, in any form of government (including democracy), the old adage remains relevant: “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Hence the need for term limits and orderly transition of power. Unfortunately, even though we elect ethical leaders – they are human and not without hubris. Positions of power and hubris are all too often mutually supporting. The same is true in management and the Boardroom. The line between tenure for the benefit of experience and tenure for the benefit of oneself isn’t always clear – but becomes more apparent when those in power change how they interact with prior associates and subordinates. A truly ethical leader is at a key point in their tenure focusing heavily on their succession.

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