The Work

Once in a while, I invite readers of this blog to share their thoughts on a post I’ve written by using the comment section. Few ever do.

Every now and then, I post a Tweet for my followers that read “Have a business ethics question? Tweet away!” No one ever has.

But at work, when I schedule a Q&A session with the ethics officers that I support (currently numbered at ~250), I get a full house and we often run out of time before we run out of questions.

Why the difference? It’s because I have done The Work with my team. The work of getting to know them personally, of listening to their needs, of trying to fill those needs again and again until we succeed, of celebrating their achievements, day-in, day-out, for 15 years.

Today, schedule a meeting with those you support and ask two questions: “how are things? and “what can I do to help?” If the answers are “fine” and “nothing”, you have to do The Work.

2 thoughts on “The Work

    1. I have not. It’s a good idea. I tend to get more unsolicited feedback on LinkedIn than on other platforms. Thank you AP!


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