No one has the right to infect other people

In most places on the planet, you can’t drink and drive.

The rule doesn’t exist to protect the driver, although it does that too. The rule exists to protect the life and property of other people. A drunk driver is very likely to get into an accident, to damage property, to hurt people, or to kill them. We simply won’t allow it.

I wasn’t around when the “drive sober” laws were put in place but I don’t believe that people took to the streets to protest against them. I don’t think anyone barked like an enraged dog at their elected official to maintain their “right” to drive drunk. If that did happen, please send me a link.

Today, the world watches as a minority of egocentric and selfish citizens insist on not wearing face masks and on defying physical distancing rules, thus prolonging the very pandemic giving rise to their madness. Each day that they ignore common sense, they risk hurting and killing more people.

In recent years, about 10,000 people/year have died from drunk driving in the United States. The drivers are considered criminals and sent to jail. Year-to-date, nearly 150,000 people have died from COVID-19 in the United States. Just yesterday, over 47,000 people became infected. All potential killers.

And some of them are marching in the streets, yelling “My body, my choice”, without masks, spreading the virus.

We need more ethical leaders.

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