People are asking if Biden’s administration will prosecute Trump after he leaves the office.

Answers include:

  • This is for the Department of Justice to decide and Biden will not interfere
  • It would be very unusual (in fact, it’s never been done before)
  • It might not be good for democracy
  • It could distract from the real work that needs to be done
  • It’s better to make sure that whatever Trump did cannot be done again
  • A new president should look forward, not backward
  • It’s a political time bomb
  • It could divide the country

Yes. All valid points.

But one basic, more personal reason seems to be missing: whoever first allows prosecution against his predecessor opens himself up to such prosecution.

A classic conflict of interest. Like the employee who riled against managers’ inflated bonuses until he became a manager, and then those bonuses were just fine and actually deserved.

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