Ethical challenges for new business models

According to Peter Diamandis, “some of the most potent innovation taking place today does not involve breakthrough technologies… but rather the creation of fundamentally new business models.”

The question that E&C professionals should ask now is “what are the compliance and ethical risks associated with these new models?”

Here are some thoughts:

  • The Crowd Economy (Uber, Airbnb, etc.) – Labor rights
  • The Free/Data Economy (Facebook, Google, etc.) – Privacy rights
  • The Smartness Economy (Amazon, SalesForce, etc.) – Loss of jobs
  • Closed-Loop Economies (The Plastic Bank, Eileen Fisher Renew, etc.) – Affordability
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (Augur, Steem, etc.) – Liability
  • Multiple World Models (Second Life, Call of Duty, etc.) – Addiction
  • Transformation Economy (Burning Man, CrossFit, etc.) – Truth in advertizing

Will your business be affected by these new models? Of course it will.

Are you getting ready?

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