On food insecurity

Food insecurity now exceeds 20% in the United States.

Here is what we can do as individuals:

  • Search the internet for our local food bank;
  • Find their wish list on the site, usually right on the landing page. Here’s what my local food bank needs this week:
  • Add a few items to our personal grocery list; and
  • Deliver those items to our food bank. Mine has a drop off lobby that’s open 24/7.

Here is what companies can do:

  • Talk about food insecurity at work and encourage employees to ask for help if they need it.
  • Organize a food drive (best for companies whose employees do not work from home).
  • Make a monthly cash donation to their local food bank (based on a few dollars per employee).

Companies often forget that the communities where they operate are key stakeholders. Hidden in these communities are those who go hungry and the food banks that support them. As ethical leaders, we must see the unseen and do what we can.

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