Effective training

You compliance training doesn’t have to be fun. It doesn’t have to be entertaining. Or popular.

It can be, but it doesn’t have to.

If you assume that your employees want to do the right thing, then what your training must do is help them do their job compliantly.

An animated video about the elements of antitrust violations can be entertaining, but the learnings will have faded 6 months later when your sales rep is about to attend a trade show. What she’ll really need at that moment is a boring job aid like a simple checklist of what she must do before, during and after the trade show (e.g. submit the agenda and the minutes to Legal, make a “noisy exit”, etc.).

Just-in-time training. Task-based training. That’s what most front-line employees need.

Think about the approach of safety professionals. Next to every doorway leading onto the shop floor, there is a sign asking employees to wear safety goggles and a bin containing such goggles. No one is simply relying on the safety video that was shown to the employees on their first day on the job.

So why don’t we do the same for legal risks? Why do we continue to rely on once-a-year videos and certifications?

It’s a big task, of course. But we can start small:

  1. Identify your biggest risk
  2. Identify where this risk poses the greatest threat (by geography or product line)
  3. Identify the group of employees closest to the risk (sales, finance, etc.)
  4. Identify the riskiest task performed by these employees
  5. Create a job aid or some other type of task-based training just for them

Then move back up the list and address the other tasks. Then the other groups. Then the other locations. Then select another risk and go back down the list.

It’ll take time but you will be making real progress.

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