Variety for ethics

I’m a process guy.

I love systems, processes, habits and routines.

They provide clarity, predictability and peace of mind. But, left unchecked, they can insert too much rigidity in your life, leaving you vulnerable to change.

You mitigate that risk by making it a habit of trying something new. You commit to working out every day and to varying your exercises. You commit to supporting your local restaurants once a week and to trying a different cuisine each time. You commit to reading 30 minutes a day and to bouncing from fiction to autobiography to science.

Variety gently pulls you away from the center. It brings you to the edge, to the adjacent possible where good ideas come from. It introduces you to people who think differently because they live differently because they are treated differently by those who all think the same.

These connections to different people and ideas are essential to the ethical leader.

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