Bike lanes

In 2011, Casey Neistat got a ticket in New York City for riding his bike outside of the bike lane.

It was somewhat frustrating to him because the bike lanes are often obstructed in NYC. His frustration went up a notch when, after paying his $50 ticket, he found out that his “infraction” wasn’t even illegal.

So he made this video, filming himself crashing in all kinds of bike lane obstructions — from big orange traffic drums to garbage bins to… wait for it… police cars. The video had five million views on YouTube on its first day. A day or so later, the Mayor had to take questions from journalists about the City’s bike lanes.

I am not recommending that you make a viral video the next time you face an unfair situation at work. But I am suggesting that we all have more influence than we think we have.

Recognizing this influence is the first step. Overcoming our fear to use it is the second.

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