Don’t ignore lies

There is a lot of disinformation out there.

Good journalists are fighting it. Some social media outlets are fighting it. The new administration is fighting it.

What about your CEO? Other corporate leaders? Your supervisor? You? We all have a responsibility to curb disinformation and shine a light on truth. Find a daily opportunity to set the record straight. It can be during a private conversation, during a staff meeting, or in a company newsletter article.

Some conspiracy theories are cute. Don’t believe that the Earth is round? Fine. We didn’t land on the moon? Sure.

But other theories are downright dangerous. They have lead to wars, to holocausts, to civil unrest. They were powerful because the government and the press adopted them. Then businesses decided that it wasn’t their job to interfere; their job was to make money.

Let’s hope we know better now.

If you see a lie, speak up.

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