Look, learn, share

I stared at a blank screen, and searched for a writing idea, for nearly 20 minutes before writing these words.

I got in this situation because, yesterday, I didn’t convince myself that I had something to learn.

Had I done that, had I looked everywhere for a learning, I would have found one.

And then I would’ve had something to share on this page.

It starts with a desire to learn.

What will you learn today?

2 thoughts on “Look, learn, share

  1. Thank you for giving me a new perspective on this topic! My first thought on this subject, “I don’t have the time to learn [subject matter, skills, etc].” However, in actuality, my desire to do so has depreciated over the years.

    Takeaway – Learning [something new, re-learning something old] must first start with a pure, genuine desire to do so.

    I challenge myself to learn something new today.

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