When companies contribute to employees’ wrongdoing

What are you looking for after you discover wrongdoing in your organization?

Are you just looking for who did it and how they did it? Or perhaps you even try to find out why they did it? But what about looking for all the factors that contributed to the why?

At Flex, those responsible for the new ethics scorecard are doing just that. Part of each investigation is to identify contributing factors over which they have some control. Factors such as defective air conditioning at a site, or poor cafeteria services. Some of us might disregard such factors and consider them irrelevant. But are they, really?

When wrongdoing occurs, we can lay the blame entirely on the employee. Or we can make room for contributing factors created by the company itself. The second option is more plausible, more empowering, and more likely to change the culture in a positive way.

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