I don’t care for basketball.

And I don’t think that college sports should drive up the cost of education in the U.S.

So you can understand why I roll my eyes when I see one coach hit another because of an inopportune timeout.

Really? Who cares?! It’s basketball! A game where you try to throw a ball in a hoop! How can you get upset at this when 2.5 million American children are homeless?!

I’m too harsh, of course. I, too, get upset at silly things that no one cares about (you should hear some of my thoughts at the poker table). We all lose our temper from time to time, and we most often regret it later.

Seeing this coach get upset and physical reminded me of disrespectful behaviors we all see in the workplace. Often times, we can link a specific work pressure to the outburst. The pressure was the trigger. And the trigger needs to be looked at and questioned. Too often, we discipline the employee and move on. The pressure remains, building up for the next outburst.

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