What/Who is it for?

You tell your employee on March 1 that she will get her bonus check on April 1.

On March 15, she resigns with an effective date of April 15. Do you still pay her bonus? It depends what the bonus is for. Is it a reward for good work or is it a retention tool?

“What is it for?” and “Who is it for?” are key business practices questions. They also apply to E&C programs. Who are you writing this policy for? What is this training for? Who is the audience for this communication?

Often times, we tell employees that these things are for them, when in fact they were created with the regulators or the shareholders in mind. Employees feel the disconnect, and they don’t engage.

There is value in creating E&C programs that are responsive to regulators’ expectations. But if we want them to resonate with employees, we need to be open about who and what they are for.

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