Advice from Tim Ryan

I had the pleasure of listening to Tim Ryan yesterday, as part of the Executive Lectureship series at Bentley University’s W. Michael Hoffman Center for Business Ethics.

If you click on Tim’s name above, it will bring you to his LinkedIn profile, where you can read his articles and posts on the importance of building trust. Tim grew up in a modest blue collar family, worked hard from a young age, paid his way through college, and paid attention when life lessons showed up at his door.

Highlights from my lecture notes:

  • Work hard and be kind to everyone.
  • Let people know how you make decisions.
  • The best leaders listen – to all stakeholders.
  • Corporations need to be more humble and admit to their mistakes – that’s how you regain lost trust.
  • No one will remember that you grew revenues by 6% or 8% during any given year. They’ll remember how you treated people.
  • Embrace this mindset:
    • Be a problem solver, not a problem pointer-outer
    • Be a bridge builder
    • Celebrate the small wins (lest you want to run out of steam)

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