How to solve puzzles

Are you playing Wordle online?

If you are a beginner, a quick chat with an expert player can significantly improve your game. For example, you’ll learn that if you try NOTES first, followed by ACRID, the 10 most-often used letters of the English language will already be in play. Your chances of solving the puzzle in the next 4 tries are very high.

The same strategy works if you play in the field of ethics and compliance. New “puzzles” show up at work regularly, and connecting with other professionals can propel you faster towards a solution.

Today is the start of Impact, the annual conference of Ethics & Compliance Initiative. I will be mingling, virtually, with current and former Deputy Attorneys General, General Counsels of corporations and government agencies, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officers, law firm partners, and so on. If I am missing a piece of a puzzle, someone at this event can help me find it.

It’s not too late to join. And for price you would pay your outside counsel for one hour of their time, it’s a good deal.

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