Texas Hold’em

Climate change is humanity’s greatest challenge right now.

Recognizing this fact, many large investors have started to pull their funds away from fossil fuel companies.

Instead of joining the movement and making efforts to save the planet, Texas has enacted a law seeking to punish financial firms that don’t invest in fossil fuels.

In poker, we call that move a raise. You don’t need a better hand than your opponent to raise. Sometimes, you are simply trying to get them out of the hand.

The danger with a raise is that you might get called by a stronger hand, or even face a re-raise. Texas Representative Phil King said “if you boycott Texas energy (the bet), then Texas will boycott you (the raise).” OK. But what if people start boycotting not just Texas energy but Texas everything (re-raise)?

Personally, I would go all-in with saving the planet.

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